Fantasy? Football

I have entered the realm of rabid football fandom, extending into managing teams in fantasy football leagues hosted by family and friends.  I dress in my team jersey, Richard Sherman of course, every Friday with other fans at my workplace in a show of solidarity and devotion.

Fantasy football is a great way to learn more about the game and enjoy camaraderie around the the sport with others who share that interest.  However, it can be a humbling lesson in sportsmanship and perspective, when one’s team is at the bottom of the league for an extended period. I really don’t like to lose very much, at any competitive pursuit.

Lord, grant me patience, as I struggle to trade, maneuver and climb to a respectable finish for my fantasy teams.  There’s no money on the line, but pride is so much more important and costly when on the losing end of the deal.

Meanwhile, I’m fortunate to have tickets with a great friend and family member to next weekend’s Seahawks game.  What a timely and delightful diversion!